De Boterhal is an international tapasrestaurant, a special beer café and a winebar. 

Quit a lot, so we will give you a short introduction of what we have to offer.

Every day we open our doors at noon. During the day we serve our lunch menu, consisting of different sandwiches, salades, and tapas ofcourse!
In the evening we serve more international tapas. Our concept is shared dinning which means that you'll order your tapas and share those with all the people you are dinning with.

To take a look at our menu, please click here.

De Boterhal is located in the city centre of Breda, in one of the historical monument buildings. Because we have so many things to offer we are often very busy. But don't worry, we take reservations. Click on the button below to make an online reservation for Monday till Thursday and Sundays. For the Friday and Saturday you can give us a call. If we are not anwering just leave your name and number and we call you back as soon as possible. Our number is 0031 (0)76 889 8180.
In case you want make a reservation for a group consisting of more then 10, please send an email to manouk@deboterhal.nl

If you are with a group you can also go for a menu. Ou chefs made two menu's where you can choose from. Here you can find the first menu, and this is the second menu.

We hope to see you soon!


Wines of the month

Besides the beers you can try one of our wineflights. We have the red and white one for €7,50 each. You can try three different wines on our wineflight. We offer you a seasonal wine too. In De Boterhal we have wines per bottle and wines we serve per glass. Not everybody wants a bottle of wine and that's why we open those closed wines every once in while to give you a taste. We always have a closed white wine and a red wine, we switch them along the season.

White wineflight

  • Misty Cove - Sauvignon Blanc
  • Kleindal - Chenin Blanc
  • Escapa - Verdejo (wine of the month)

Red wineflight

  • Kiwi Cuvee - Pinot Noir
  • Torre Alta - Primitivo (wine of the month)
  • Flinchman - Malbec



Beers of the month

Each month we have ten different draft beers. You can taste those on a platter, a bierproefplateau, for only €6,20. you can choose between seasonal beers and beers from the kettle. This might sound a bit weird but as soon you walk in you will know what we are talking about.


  • Gulpener - Bio Urpilsner 5%
  • Two Chef's Brewing - Funky Falcon 5,2%
  • de Molen - Dag&Dauw 7,7%
  • Muifel Brouwerij - Broeder Everardus 9%
  • Caldera - Westcoast 4,9%


  • Leffe - Blond 6,6%
  • Gebrouwen door Vrouwen - Bloesemblond 6%
  • Antigoon - Blond 7%
  • Car d'or - Blond 6,5%
  • Duits Lauret - blond 6,5%




Our menu consists of 'international tapas' which means that they are all small dishes to share. 
Considering the season and the 'change of taste', we also serve dishes that are not mentioned on the menu. You can always ask our waiters for this extra dish! 

Besides the tapas we now offer a bierstrippenkaart. This is a card with 15 draft beers and 99 bottled beers on it. Whenever you order one of those you will get a stamp. After each 15th beer you will get a draft beer of your choice for free. Managed to drink all 99 bottled beers? Congrats! Your picture will be put up on our Wall of Fame. The bierstrippenkaart is for you and you only so you really have to try all the beers yourself.

Mystery beer is another extra we have. This is a draft beer you can order and with it you get a card where you can fill in what you think the beer might be. If you guess it correctly you can win a High Beer for two! When we run out of our mystery beer we get a new one. We will email the winner and also announce it on our facebookpage.



Click on the button bellow for some history of the beautiful building that gives house to De Boterhal.

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