De Boterhal

The monumental building, at the Grote Markt, now housing De Boterhal was orgininally build as a private home. 
In 1861 the ground flour turned into a 'Boterhal' where the people of Breda could buy or sell butter. That is where our name is came from. Boterhal means literally hall of butter.

After a big renovation between 1931 and 1934, the Stedelijke- en Bischoppelijk museum was held in this incredible building. When the museum moved to the Chassepark in 1995, this building became a cafe and restaurant. It is De Boterhal since 2012 and we hope to stay here for a very long time!

International tapas, special beers- and wines

De Boterhal has a shared dinning concept with a great variety of special beers, wines and international tapas that you can all share!

De Boterhal has a timeless and low key character where we invited everyone for a lunch, diner and or a drink!